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Scale of Fees 2023



A one off family fee of $150.00 covering compulsory diagnostic testing prior to child/children being initially considered for admission to the student body of the Academy.




Price per term for 4 terms.

First Child        $650.00
Second Child        $260.00
Third Child        $250.00
Fourth Child        $240.00

No fees apply after the fourth child, so no family pays in excess of $1,400.00 per term.



1. Fees should be paid no later than 30 days from the date shown on invoice unless some other arrangement is made with the President such as making regular direct deposits to the Academy’s bank account.

2. The President reserves the right at any time to vary this schedule of fees at his discretion.  Special cases should therefore be referred to the President for his consideration as soon as any financial problem arises.

3. Unless parents see the President and make special arrangements as allowed in note 2 above, tuition may be suspended for any family not keeping up to date with the payment of fees.

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