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Proverbs 22:6

“Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life.”

Koinonia Christian Academy, situated in the remotely located town of Bourke, north-western NSW, was started in 1980 to provide a Biblically based education for Christian families in the town and surrounding district.  The school started initially with 9 students. In its early years, the school functioned out of the old Preschool building in Tudor Street, Bourke.

Although church families from the then local Assemblies of God church were strategic in the formation and running of the school in these early years, the school was set up to be non-denominational accepting children from all Christian families.  

After the first few years as numbers increased the school purchased a new site on the northern edge of town.  Around this time the United Aboriginal Mission was closing in Bourke and its building was purchased.  This building was moved to the new site and is still in use today as our hall and junior learning centre.  With God’s blessing the school has continued to be able to implement further facilities as needs have arisen.

Koinonia Christian Academy has now been providing a Biblically based education in Bourke for over 40 years.  God has touched the lives of many students who have attended the school over the years and they have gone on to be successful in all different walks of life. 

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